"Beterem" branch at Alyn

"Beterem" branch at Alyn

Branch Director: Zohar Filber.

Phone: 02-6494333

Email: beterem@alyn.org

Since its establishment in 1995, Beterem, the National Center for Children's Safety and Health, has been working to promote child safety throughout Israel.

Beterem works throughout Israel to provide services, initiate projects and lay the groundwork for the creation of long-term projects using a variety of prevention strategies, while focusing on cooperation with a number of organizations - each specializing in a different field - which are working to improve child safety.

Beterem has set up branches of its organization in a number of hospitals throughout the country, with the aim of educating as many families as possible about how accidents can be prevented. There is now a branch of Beterem at ALYN Hospital. ALYN staff members  are actively and continually working to create educational programs relating to safety measures which can be taken in order to prevent accidents, both within the home and outside the home, involving children with special needs.

Throughout the years of working to rehabilitate children with severe physical challenges, ALYN has recognized the need to expand the educational activities relating to the prevention of accidents involving children with special needs. 

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