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ALYN helped develop a plastic wheelchair

6 January, 2014

The fact that physically challenged children also have the right to attend school and receive an appropriate education, as do all children, is a given in ALYN. In many third world countries there are children unable to attend school as the high cost of a wheelchair makes it unobtainable to many families

Pablo Kaplan and Chava Rothstein used their experience working in a large company making plastic furniture and came up with the revolutionary idea to make a nice looking, sturdy, durable children's wheelchair out of plastic that would cost less than $100. With the goal of producing attainable affordable wheelchairs for children around the world they created The Wheelchairs of Hope Organization and teamed up with the Ziv-Av Company and ALYN Hospital.

ALYN staff members Naomi Gefen, Deputy Director General of Clinical Services, an Occupational Therapist and expert in mobility, Ohad Ga'al-Dor, Head of the Biomechanics lab and Physiotherapist Noa Eisenberg enthusiastically joined the project and helped by providing the development team information about available products and chair specifications.

"Working with Pablo and Chava was fascinating. Their expertise in plastics along with the engineers from Ziv-Av and ALYN's professional knowledge led to the development of an excellent chair suitable for use by children in difficult conditions. The chair is also colorful and "cool" says Naomi Gefen.

Visiting ALYN this week the developing committee brought the finished chair with them. A focus group of children currently undergoing rehabilitation – Shira, Carem and Adam, asked to give their opinion, loved the chair. Children, parents and staff members liked the youthful color and design of the chair.

The Wheels of Hope Organization is currently looking for funding to begin limited production with the goal of mass production before the end of 2014. Please pass this message on. Together, funding can surely be found for such an important project!