Spinal Deformities

Spinal Deformities

Spinal deformities in children with other complex diseases require a different therapeutic approach from deformities in children who have no comorbidities. In the complex population, spinal deformities can start at a very young age, progress at a faster rate, and become severe and even life threatening. Treatment with corsets is different and more complex, and often inadequate when treating scoliosis,  so usually aimed  to postpone surgical intervention  until an older age when it will be preferable to perform the surgery. All these services are given as part of these consultation clinics.

After a surgery to repair the spinal deformity, we generally recommend full hospitalization in the rehabilitation department, at least until the pain has subsided, practicing breathing and transitions, and getting set up at home with the assistive equipment required for the recovery period. After a brief inpatient period, and according to the instructions given by the surgeon, we will be able to plan the duration of hospitalization and the best framework for you during the lengthy rehabilitation (full hospitalization, day hospital/partial hospitalization, your regular educational setting, and so forth).

Seating adaptations are recommended 6 weeks post surgery, not immediate.

We recommend scheduling a preparatory appointment several weeks before the operation so we can get to know you and the child, in order to better prepare for the anticipated hospitalization period and plan a customized rehabilitation program for you in advance. You can schedule an appointment at +972-2-6494327.

  • What should you bring to the examination at the clinic?

An up-to-date letter from the physiotherapist who regularly treats the child

All the braces and walking aids you have

CDs with X-ray images, if done during the last year in another medical framework

You are welcome to invite your regular therapists to join.



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