Orthotics / Prosthetics Clinic

Orthotics / Prosthetics Clinic

There are different types of orthotics/prosthetics and they have to be fitted according to the child’s age, type of injury/disease, motor advancement and independence in mobility.

Depending on the child’s growth rate, the orthotics/prosthetics  will need to be replaced (usually once a year).

A large portion of these orthotics/prosthetics  are partially funded by the Ministry of Health through the Lewis Institute. The decision regarding who is eligible to receive orthotics/prosthetics  is made by a team of authorized professionals/signatories? appointed by the Lewis Institute (at ALYN Hospital there are 3 authorized signatories that run the clinic - Dr. Shirley Meyer, Dr. Sharon Eylon, Mrs. Orit Bartov).

Appointments are scheduled through the Lewis Institute +972-3-7575660. Call +972-2-6494327 to verify eligibility for an appointment.

  • What should you bring to the examination at the clinic?

An up-to-date letter from the physiotherapist who regularly treats the child

All the braces and walking aids you have

You are welcome to invite your regular therapists to join.




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