Neuromuscular Diseases and Complex Rehabilitation

Neuromuscular Diseases and Complex Rehabilitation

The orthopedic follow-up is important in order to maintain range of motion in the legs, which will enable standing and walking, according to the child’s individual ability and the degree of disease involvement. Special devices to maintain range of motion and aid with walking can be fitted at this clinic. Sometimes surgery is also considered.

Also, the orthopedic follow-up at the clinic includes hip surveillance (as in CP) and  monitoring for the development of scoliosis, which is very common in children with neuromuscular diseases. The scoliosis may be mild, requiring monitoring alone, but may also be severe and cause sitting difficulties, pressure sores, and even significant respiratory difficulties.

  • What should you bring to the orthopedic examination at the clinic?

An up-to-date letter from the team that regularly treats the child

All the braces and walking aids you have

CDs with X-ray images, if done during the last year in another medical framework


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