Ma'ayan-Rehabilitative Equipment Display Center

Ma'ayan-Rehabilitative Equipment Display Center

Center Director: Zohar Filber

Phone: 02-6494389


Ma'ayan is a unique evaluation and display center, providing parents and professionals with service and information about rehabilitation accessories. Ma'ayan is staffed by ALYN's occupational and physical therapists, all of whom are trained in the fields of customized seating, use of adaptive equipment such as manual and powered wheelchairs, bathing aids and personalized adaptations of equipment.

Families bring their children to Ma'ayan to receive advice and recommendations for any equipment which can improve their child's quality of life and independence, both at home and in the community. After the Ma'ayan staff evaluates and assesses the child's needs, and the needs of the child’s family, –  recommendations and information are provided regarding the purchase of the most suitable equipment, including new products, on the market.

Ma'ayan staff members are often called upon to lecture, offer advice and present at conferences and other medical facilities around the country. Day seminars and conferences are organized by the Ma'ayan staff on subjects such as seating and mobility, technical aids (including computer accessories), wheelchair selection and the safe transportation of children with special needs. In addition, Ma'ayan staff members conduct workshops to demonstrate the use of the various accessories used in rehabilitation.

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