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Designated donations

Designated donations


in the light of the ongoing global financial crisis

we need YOUR help to help US to continue to help OUR CHILDREN live their lives to the fullest.

The quality of the lives of ALYN's "special" children are, more than ever, dependent upon the generosity of individuals, organizations, funds, foundations, chapters and groups around the world.

Donations to ALYN Hospital are channeled through the Friends of ALYN Society which is a registered non-profit organization raising funds for the ALYN Hospital Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Center. Donations received are used to underwrite the costs of the Hospital’s activities in order to ensure the continuation of the highest possible level of the quality and quantity of the rehabilitation treatments given to the children, for the expansion of the Hospital’s research and development projects and for an Endowment Fund which will insure the continued existence of the Hospital and its activities in times of fiscal crises and emergencies.




Underwrite the shortfall for a patient in any of the following categories for one year, have your name on a special Guardian Angel board and receive regular written and pictorial updates of the child you are supporting throughout the year.



SHACHAR Rehabilitation Educational  Medical Day Care Center 

(based on an average of 18 days/month)

Per patient per day          $88

Per patient per month  $1,576

Per patient per year   $18,912

In-patient Rehabilitation Department  

Per patient per day         $26

Per patient per week     $180

Per patient per month  $783

Per patient per year   $9,396

Pediatric Respiratory Rehabilitation Department

Per patient per day       $36

Per patient per week    $249

Per patient per month  $1,081

Per patient per year   $12,972

Legacy Heritage Fund Independent LivingNeighborhood

Per patient per day   $53

Per patient per week $369

Per patient per month   $1,601

Per patient per year  $19,212