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Accessibility Statement
National Service ("Sherut Le'umi")

National Service ("Sherut Le'umi")

Every year a number of Israeli National Service young men and women ("Sherut Le'umi") are accepted to work in a variety of jobs in the various departments of ALYN and in the Shachar Rehabilitation Educational Medical Day Care Center.  

The National Service volunteers play a significant role and become an integral part of ALYN's rehabilitation team. The contribution of every young man and woman is highly valued and appreciated by the Hospital staff and these volunteers derive a great deal of satisfaction from their work here.

For many years ALYN Hospital has relied on the help of volunteers.  They work in all the various departments within the Hospital performing a wide variety of tasks which often involve direct contact with the patients and their families and some work in the Maintenance and Administrative Departments.

  • If you would like to help put a smile on the face of a physically challenged child
  • If it will give you satisfaction to help a physically challenged child make progress during their rehabilitation process
  • If you feel you are suited to helping these children make progress towards achieving their rehabilitation goals and independence

You are welcome to contact us!

For further details and to arrange a visit to ALYN please contact:

Osnat Yaniv, National Service manager


Tel.: 02-6494247, 050-5651793


During the past year ALYN’s Volunteering Program has been expanded to accept a larger number of short and long term volunteers from within Israel and more long term volunteers from abroad.

   “To give from the soul and the heart,
    To give when you love,
    How do you find the difference,
    Between taking and receiving……”

From the song “To Give” by Boaz Sharabi.